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~Gourmet Food & Selected Dishes~
The international banquet retaurant, Yuhe Yuan, which situates on the first floor of the center, is led by famed chefs in Taiwan. Various delicious Cantonese seafood, delicate dim-sum, and traditional Hunan-Guangdong dishes are served here. Conference lunch boxes, combo meals, buffet (Chinese/ western), set meals, parties, and banquets can also be arranged according to your needs. This is an ideal place for opening/closing parties, wedding banquets, birthday parties, or large company gatherings, such as annual dinners, spring banquets, or employee’s birthday parties. You are also very welcome to hold family dinners, businesses lunches, or just have some drinks here.
~Unique Garden Views & Glamorous Banquet Rooms~

The glamour of the international banquet restaurant of Yuhe Yuan comes from its grandiose rooms, ceilings that are 10 meters high, and specially designed garden views. Large halls are designed to hold banquets here, whereas the pompous lobby on the second floor serves as a perfect place for pre-party receptions or cocktail parties.
At times, we offer bonus schemes that cover both conferences and food. Please call us or check out our website for more information.

Banquet Size
Hall 101: 36 tables are available. When compartments are removed, it can accommodate as many as 43 tables.
Hall 201: 45 tables are available. Along with the lobby, it can accommodate as many as 70 tables.
Price of Wedding Banquets and Birthday Parties
Price (NTD)
Banquet/ Parties
1 Table
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Online reservation : service@thcc.net.tw
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