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Tailored services that cater to our clients’ needs…

In addition to providing members of NTUH / NTUH Medical College a place to hold meetings, we are also pleasured to serve professionals in all fields with our rooms, facilities, and food. The eleven-story building covers a convention space that’s as large as 7933 square meters; respectively, there are two large multifunctional halls, two medium lecture halls, nine small conference rooms, and three VIP rooms from the first to the fourth floor. In addition, there are a joint service center, a management center, a restaurant, and a cafe, too. Parking lots are located on B2 & B3. NTUH International Convention Center is capable of providing complete services for various events.
Our featured services include the following:
Tailored schemes for convention room leasing: We arrange particular schemes according to the scale of activities or budgets, attending to individual needs of all our clients.
Various convention and banquet rooms to choose from: All our rooms are new and comfortable, and suitable for occasions such as international/domestic conventions of all scales, exhibitions, staff trainings, wedding banquets, evening parties, etc.
Facilities that offer both business and entertainment functions: our standardized facilities are handy for all conventions.
Delicious Hunan-Cantonese cuisine, catering services, and Garden Cafe: Our clients are welcome to rest and enjoy their meals in our center.
What we benefit from our location:
  Located in the central district of Taipei City, we are surrounded by important transport stops and hotels. It is very convenient to travel elsewhere or find a place to stay naer the center.
  The vicinity of the center is fairly quiet, with a strong intellectual ambiance.
  We provide 135 parking spaces at a discount price for our clients.
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