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Walking in this garden-like convention center…
A grand building with glass curtains walls, NTUH International Convention Center looks like a crystal castle on the serene, verdant campus of NTUH. The retro, unsophisticated school buildings, along with Japanese Zen pot plants, complement its grassy-green gardens. Large, simple, artistic sculptures are displayed in various corners of the center, and standardized convention space and brand new software/facilities are offered, too. NTUH International Convention Center is truly one of the rarely-seen centers that manifest an artistic taste and modern, international capabilities in Taipei City.

The main building of the center is grandiose. Marble constitutes most of its interior, whereas special yellow marble is used for parts of the walls on the first and the second floors. Unique refractive effects are achieved in this way, and a neo-classic ambiance is thus accentuated, too. As you walk into the lobby on the first floor, you will immediately feel the lights and shades coming through those large glass curtain walls, as if you were in an outdoor garden.

What’s more, we adopt the energy-conserving concept used in glass-curtain-wall buildings to show the vitality of the center.Themed public installation arts—“passion for life” are also exhibited in an open space to decorate this modern building located on the century-old campus.
We are honored to have been awarded the first prize of Public Engineering Project Assessment by Ministry of Education in 2001 as well as nomination for the Golden Prize of Public Engineering Projects held by Executive Yuan.

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